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Hi there and welcome to Kasper's homepage. This page is best viewed with eyes shut. Read about me at the Me page. Read about my friends at det Friends page. And read news on the News page. Se the all old picture site. Some people complained about my frequense of updates. Hey I update at least twice a year. BTW I'm sorry for the extremly crappy design and the lousy code and the miserable language(just look at the coding), but this is my first atemt to write a page. Yea I know the page sucks. I'm just waiting for that "ugliest site on the web" award.

Be ecspecting a update soon.

Here is a picture of me.

No I'm not doing drugs.

I'm sorry if the picture looks like I do and I'm sorry if the picture makes you think so. It was taken after a stay at a place called

TG or The Gathering

The GAthering 99 was wery fun. So was TG 01 I wasn't at TG 00 so I don't know if that was fun. But TG 02/03/04 was fun

This site is made with a little help from Hjelmis one of my best friends. Try the links. Peace Out!

E mail me and tell how to update.

Pictures   News   Links   Friends   Me   Nerds   Oldfriends   Wordbook

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Last updated 2004.11.04