This is the page where I tell about my friends. Well some of them. If you are looking for the people in frenus look at the Nerd page. Nothing is written in angry, bloodthirsty or revenge thoughts.

School Mates.

One of the members of my german alliance "Die Herren". He is also one of the people I hang with.

[Thomas T]
The second member of "Die Herren" also a wery cool dude. AKA Poidd and Finken.

Just a geek.

Another geek. One thing that realy impresses me with thomas is that he always is in the middle of a conversation. Really nice guy. Kind of my personal assistant in my job as pupil's council leader.

Short little guy that annoys me by always being very awake in first period.

My best friend in school. Except she doesn't go to my school anymoore. Buhu.

Martial art freek.

Just a guy I felt obligated to mention.

Moore to come later.

Last updated 02.01.10