Why is this pages still written with the "p align="left"" command? Well just to piss Karl Tommy of. This pages will be about nerds, mainly how a nerd lives and stuff like that.

Somone once said you know you're a geek if you know what Http stands for. Here are a lot of nerdy things listed.

You know you're a geek when:
01. You spend moore time with computers than humans.
02. When you can remember all your "friends" E mail adresses but can't remember you're own snail mail adress.
03. When you use expressions like Snail Mail.
04. When your friends sends e mail instead of calling you.
05. When you have a dry, strange of humour that nobody understands.
06. When you're getting strange after being away from a computer moore than 3 hours.
07. You hate the sun.
08. You realise that Microsoft sucks.
09. When you stop paying for software.
10. When you go to Lan partys instead of getting out among people.

The Members of Frenus(The area beetween penis and anus) Oh yea they are my friends to.

[Håvard (Halvorsen)]
The boy who once claimed that he wasn't a nerd and immediatly was called the "Skapnerd" by his buddies. Right now he is in the military.

[Kristian (Hjelmis)]
Kristian has a web design firm with Håvard. Hjelmis know quite a bit of Linux and always ticks Karl Tommy off when correcting him al the time.

[Magnus (Dengalegraveren)]
Magnus is a gamer and he also does some MOD making. Right now he is in the military.

[Karl Tommy(KTR)]
Karl Tommy is the guy who has a short fuse and makes a lot of pirate CD's.

[Carl Andreas (Stiflerz)]
Carl Anderas is the loudest among us. Don't shoot him when your playing, because then you will be fragged for real.

[Håkon (Janbavian)]
Håkon is Magnus's brother, and he's like blown out of his brothers ear.(Not)

[Fredrik (Xpander)]
Simply the porn king.

[Tor Erik(TEL]
Our little 3d studio man.

[Knut Imar(Necromancer]
Simply a pervert (like everyone else in Frenus) Right now he is in the military.

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