This is my news page. It will be a kind of diary. Don't know why I make it. Well for me it's fun because I can look back on things when looking at it. Oh well. But If you actually read this page would you please send me an E mail.And tell me why. And in case your wondering the oldest news is at the bottom.

[4 November 2004]
Did some minor changes on the mainpage and updated the me section.Seriously considering learning to do some better coding. Todays stupid line:"I've got a big red twanger...."

[14 August]
Uploaded some pictures. And the shitty school is starting soon. Todays stupid line: I fart in your generate direction.

[2 July]
Working in a coal mine, going down down down. So extremly tired of working at the warehouse sale I been working at. NO MOORE! Been home alone for three days now(the kitchen looks like shit) and realy enjoying it. So anyway peace and love. Todays stupid line: You must cut down the mightiest three in the forest with:... a herring.

[17 April 2002]
Just sitting here tinking about updating a bit haven't been doing anything lately.

[14 January 2002]
Well christmas is long gone. Already thinking about killing myself. The usual I'm a slave of the system feeling.

[19 December]
Made a itti bitti change some place.

[7 December]
Today I had the day of. Was at home studying math and geography. Booring. Also I started using Ultraedit for coding.(So much better than notepad)

[23 October]
Today we had International day at school. Changed all the pages a bit. Washed some codes. But now I'm tired of coding html. Later

[11 August]
So very boored.

[26 July]
Made some smal changes here and there.

[25 July and hey it's 2001]
Uploaded the page after being down the last six months and without updates six months before that. About time.

[15 June]
Made the picture sub page.

[8-9 June]
Celebrated my birthday in the usual way by having a exam.

[3-4 June]
Dragged my self to a LAN at Magnus place.

[31 May]
Sow American Psycho with Even & Helene

[19-21 May]
Had a big Lan party at "Huset" with 21 other people.

[18 May]
Desided to not to home work, and made a porn site instead.

[15 May]
Haven't been updating latly. So, eeh some time ago I added new images on the pages. Made a NEWS picture and wrote some moore on the NERDS page I bet it's really fun reading it for you people out there.

[4 May]
Updated the site again. Other news: Scholl still SUCKS BIG TIME.

[13 April]
Started writing about nerds.

[4 April]
Watch my coding on this text it's starts getting better. Lousy wisit number last week. I have to get my self a guestbook. But I don't know enoungh Html to write it my self. Se ya! Hey people start wissiting moore often.

[1 April]
Notting funny done today.

[22 March]

Getting really boored of making hats at school.

[17 March]

Added a Links page. And hmmm.... It's weekend. Just meens slacking in the hood. Also realised how crappy the page code is.

[16 March]

Got a haircut after looking like a werewolf for a week. Earlyer we were at Erkebispegården to look at som old ugly carpets. BOOOORING! Life is beginning to brite up as for now I got no tests week. Compromising this weeks 4. Also tomorrow is Friday, which meens weekend. YES!

[11-12 March]

Won the "5 Kamp" at Duddelibu.

[7 March]

Another boring day at school. Reewrote al Norwegian pages to English.

[6 March]

First day at school after the winter holiday.

[29 February- 1 March]

We had a large computer party at "Huset" formated my computer copied mp3's and played games.

[27 February]

Been to town to see the new South Park movie. We also took a trip to Even's place.

[25 February 2000]

Winter (Party) Holiday

[18-20 February 2000]

Built an Igloo and slept in it.

[16 February 2000]

Still sick

[15 February 2000]

I'm sick. So ill that I can barely do this.

[13 February 2000]

Paintball again.

[10 February 2000]

The school held an info meeting and it was realy boring.

[9 February 2000]

Updated the friends page.Got all my classmates and still need to wright som about The Nerds.

[6 February 2000]

We played Paintball. It was lot's of fun.

[5 Februar 2000]

Kristian and I sorted 1500 mp3 files

[2 February 2000]

Made a new subpage (Friends)

[31 January 2000]

Updated page.

[21- 23 January 2000]

We had a dataparty at Kristian's place.

[14 January 2000]

Got my first fail at school

[26- 30 December 1999]

We had a large dataparty.

[24 December 1999]

Christmas Eve

[15 December 1999]

We had a English test.

[29 November 1999]

We a nature study test.

[23 November 1999]

I started making my page.