Don't look at this page. It hasn't been updated for the last 4 years or so. This is the page where I tell about my friends. Well some of them. If you are looking for the people in frenus look at the Nerd page. Nothing is written in angry, bloodthirsty or revenge thoughts:

Class Mates. That's people I haven't been go to school with for over 4 years now.


Even is the other boy in my class. Yes, we are only two boys. Even has a serius testestoron problem and keeps trowing things at me all the time.


Sara is a little freaky. Sara's cool in her own little way. .


Linda likes laughing. Her good mood whipes out my bad mood.


Lene is the little cute one. She can be a little bitchy sometimes witout meaning it.


Annicken loves: Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Annicken is wery "hyper". Her main interrest is soccer (Rosenborg) and dancing. Funny little kid anyway.


Helene is a party person. She's a bit messy. Helene makes fun of me all the time, but she is werry nice though. And sometimes the wildest person I know , make that always. Sometimes she just start making strange sounds and most of them has a short way to my ears.


Nina is a little Shy but she's wery kind.


Monika is completly insane and loves Snowboarding. She hates school. And she starts making strange sounds sometimes to.


Linn is a little shy and wery kind. Also she just turned 20 years old and are alowed to do what she want's.


Ingrid is a feminist and she's a bit filosofic. I think she hates me moore or less. I hope she doesn't hate me, but sometimes she makes me think so.


The oldest person in my class..

Last updated 01.07.25